What does ACME mean ?

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What Does ACME Mean?

We get this question a lot here at ACME.

  • The dictionary definition is: "the top", or "the highest point", or just "perfection". This is straight from Greek. (Greek mythology also includes a nymph named Acme.)
  • Apparently some early business school textbooks liked to use Acme as a business name in some of their examples.
  • There's a story that the business school use is an acronym, standing for "A Company Manufacturing Everything". This is probably false etymology.
  • Sears-Roebuck used Acme as one of their in-house brand names in the early 1900s, just like they use "Craftsman" today. For instance, take a look at this ad for an Acme anvil from the 1902 Sears catalog.
  • Warner Brothers apparently took the name from Sears and used it for the mail-order company in the Wile E. Coyote cartoons.